I love to think deeply about brands - about what makes them tick, how they influence us and what role they play in our world. 

Kristina Garla

Welcome to Brandology Mama!


This blog started as me 'thinking out loud' about branding.  An opportunity to share my views on the psychology and philosophy of brands - or what I call 'brandology'.

I have called this blog Brandology Mama because it captures for me the two essential elements of good brand practice. It acknowledges that there's a science behind branding alongside the important fact that for a brand to be relevant and useful, it needs to be nurtured.

I was inspired to create this blog after I presented at the world's first International Health Care and Social Media Summit  - the brainchild of the extremely talented Lisa Ramshaw. Held in Brisbane, the Summit (nicknamed 'Mayo in Oz') was brought to Australia by Mayo Clinic and the Australian Public Hospital Association. It was a fantastic conference enjoyed by the many who attended.

I was so shocked by the overwhelmingly positive reaction I received for my talk about building a well-rounded brand. Although completely caught by surprise, I was delighted the topic I covered - the importance of storytelling and how to use archetypes in the brand journey - resonated with so many people. I really had no idea that it would. 

This blog is in response to those who asked for more  - and if I would be willing to share the graphics and details of my presentation. You will find them here in my blog posts as well as my other musings about brand theory, communication theory and how our brain works.

I hope this blog is what you were looking for, and that it helps you  - as the caretakers of your brands -  to grow them into honourable and likeable entities. 


Kristina Garla

A little bit about me

 I have worked in the field of marketing and communications for nearly 30 years. (Ouch, writing that makes me feel a little older than I'd like to!)

Currently I am the Communications and Marketing Manager at Ivanhoe Grammar School, one of the leading independent schools in Melbourne. 

Previously, I was the Marketing and Digital Strategy Manager at Epworth HealthCare, where I was responsible for the organisation’s branding, advertising, service marketing and digital marketing direction. I was accountable for defining and delivering Epworth’s social media strategy, including fostering a digital culture.

Passionate about human rights, health and wellbeing, I have worked for a number of not-for-profit organisations during my career, including BreastScreen Victoria, Telstra Super and The Alannah and Madeline Foundation. I am very grateful that in all the organisations I have worked for I have had the opportunity to work on rebranding, repositioning and brand refinement projects, which has afforded me the chance to grow my understanding and skills in this area. 

I am ecstatic about the social media revolution and the opportunity it provides marketing and communication professionals to learn new things and reignite their passion. As an advocate for collaboration across the health care industry, I co-authored ‘Don’t be an Egghead – Twitter basics for hospitals and health care organisations' with Lisa Ramshaw and Belinda Hughes. This was a wonderful project to work on and I hope those who have read the publication have found it informative and useful.

Parallel to my work I blog about branding through Brandology Mama and satisfy my love for writing and sharing ideas. This is a new and exciting chapter in my career. Thank you to those who inspired me to turn off the TV at night and write!